Grange North Project

The first session started in Grange on Dec 10 2010 where the local youth club turned out in high numbers to learn about sampling, mixing, vj, using decks and making films with stop motion photography. Laura Mahon and Paul Cunningham led the taster session to get a sense of what activities these young people would especially like to take part in. A second session based on their requests will take place in early 2011

 Co. Sligo by SoundingBoardIreland

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Our second session in the Grange Hub was held at the Post Primary school on March 11. This time we offered 3 activities and participants chose two. Choices were visual arts, DJ/Decks and VJ/Stop Motion, led by Vanessa Salvatore, Paul Cunningham and Laura Mahon of Stratas Loop.

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Visual art grange (WinCE)

Cross Boarder Trip

After spending a day trip to the Nerve Centre, the young people from the Fermanagh, Grange and Easkey hubs were keen to develop other common activities. A summer scheme that served the areas was suggested and it took place on Monday July 4 to 7th. Sessions were offered in DJing, Sampling, tuition in Guitar and Music Production. They are for young people ages 12 to 18 and we had 26 participants. The venue was Grange Post Primary on Day One and Two and then in Stepping Stones, Wark Hall, Belleek, Co Fermanagh for Day Three and Four. There was a great atmosphere throughout with the focus on making friends, enjoying ourselves plus learning more about music and performance. The Belleek Community and District Partnership invited us to perform as part of the launch of their Good Relations initiative, Long Division so we fitted into the schedule. A brief performance was given at the close of the project on Thursday 4pm before we all headed home. Phone numbers and emails were exchanged so several new lasting friendships seem likely to have started during the week.

Falling Ashes by SoundingBoardIreland
Man vs Machine by SoundingBoardIreland


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