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Cultural Day Trips

SARC day trip part of the Cultural Trips aspect of SOUNDING BOARD

SARC April21 (Medium)SOUNDING BOARD took off for Belfast on the first of its Day trips on April 21. Our destination was the SARC Centre (Sonic Arts Research centre), Queens University, a centre of music technology expertise

Arrangements had been made in advance with the Centres Ruth Walmsley, Education Co-Ordinator to bring programmes participants for a day attending music tech sessions on the campus.

Young participants attended from Grange, Tubbercurry and Ballisadare and were accompanied by teachers, parents and SOUNDING BOARD staff.

Sound booth (Medium)       In the 3D sound room (Medium)

The first session was with Chris Campbell, lecturer in Sound Engineer, at Queens. Participants got the opportunity to experience some of their favourite pieces of music in the 3D sound studio. Following sessions included recording simple sounds such as rattling, whispering and laughing before sampling them with a background rhythm. Following sessions included using sampling programmes to compose short pieces that brought together mechanised sounds with orchestra and the human voice. A favourite session was having participants create soundtracks on well known TV adverts. Sessions were also led by PhD students attending the Music Technology Department.

Sound Booth SARC (Medium)

The bus journey, the lunch break and then a quick stop off to go shopping in town, ensured that the participants mixed well and enjoyed making new friends.

A second day trip is being organised for before the start of the summer and will again invite participants from the 5 programme Hubs.

Co.Sligo by SoundingBoardIreland

Fermanagh Tracks by SoundingBoardIreland


SOUNDING BOARD visits the Nerve Centre,Derry

              NerveCentre3 NerveCentre2

Sounding Board, Sligo LEADER's music technology project for young people, took 25 of its participants to spend a day at the Nerve Centre on May 28. Participants were from Belleek and Sligo county and used the day trip to mix and make new friends. Tutors at the Nerve Centre delivered workshops in computer music programmes, the outcome of which led to the participants composing their very own mobile phone ring tones. Towards the end of the day we asked the young people what they had enjoyed most. Answers ranged from composing the music, meeting new people to the 'craic on the bus'.

              NerveCentre1 NerveCentre4

More day trips will be arranged so keep your eyes on the local newspapers for further information.


Cross Boarder Trip

After spending a day trip to the Nerve Centre, the young people from the Fermanagh, Grange and Easkey hubs were keen to develop other common activities. A summer scheme that served the areas was suggested and it took place on Monday July 4 to 7th. Sessions were offered in DJing, Sampling, tuition in Guitar and Music Production. They are for young people ages 12 to 18 and we had 26 participants. The venue was Grange Post Primary on Day One and Two and then in Stepping Stones, Wark Hall, Belleek, Co Fermanagh for Day Three and Four. There was a great atmosphere throughout with the focus on making friends, enjoying ourselves plus learning more about music and performance. The Belleek Community and District Partnership invited us to perform as part of the launch of their Good Relations initiative, Long Division so we fitted into the schedule. A brief performance was given at the close of the project on Thursday 4pm before we all headed home. Phone numbers and emails were exchanged so several new lasting friendships seem likely to have started during the week

Music prodn Guitar tuition2 The Meal Djing 2


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